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New Annapolis caucus for P3 reform,

transit launched --Maryland Matters

 Senate hearing on SB0229 pushed up to January 29!

Bill would require county consent for new tollways

New CBO Report: Taxpayers on hook for about 44% of P3 costs

“Everything about it is bad, from philosophy to pavement.”

-- P3 tollway in North Carolina slammed in Wall Street Journal  

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Who is CABE?
  • MD is pushing an $11 billion plan to expand I-495 and I-270 for as many as four for-profit tollways (aka Luxury Lanes). They claim it will end rush hour congestion without costing taxpayers a dime.
  • $28 - 48 rush hour tolls have been charged on Northern Virginia's I-495 and I-66 Luxury Lanes.
  • Luxury Lanes are more likely to monetize congestion for Wall Street than relieve it for us.

  • CABE is pushing back. We're a growing coalition of civic associations, taxpayers, and other organizations demanding better, affordable commuter options for suburban Maryland.

  • Contact your elected officials. Use our contact list. Tell them to resist MDOT's push for Luxury Lanes and protect taxpayers, communities, homes, and the environment.

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