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The Fight Goes On.
Tell your elected officials:
No to widening I-495/I-270 for private-profit toll lanes.
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The 2019 General Assembly adjourned on April 8, 2019 without final passing any of the bills that would have required the state to keep its promise not to take homes or put taxpayers on the hook for its $11+ billion Lexus Lane project for I-495 and I-270. 
HB 1091 which would have required an environmental impact study and an independent fiscal analysis of public private partnerships, like the P3 proposal for suburban Maryland passed the House of Delegates with a veto proof majority but didn't make it out of the Senate Budget Committee.

In 2020, CABE will again push for state law to require true fiscal and environmental transparency for massive P3 tollway projects and stop a repeat of state efforts to ignore citizen concerns, hide critical financial data, short-circuit environmental analyses, and rush into contracts and construction on Lexus Lane boondoggles.
CABE has delivered the following testimony to the Board of Public Works, Maryland House and Senate Committees.

CABE Testimony to the Board of Public Works

on I-495/I-270 Managed Lanes Amendments

January 8, 2020

Testimony on SB 788

"Transportation & Climate Accountability Act"

Sen Education, Health, Env. Affairs Committee

March 13, 2019

Testimony on HB 663

"Real Property Protection Act"

House Env. and Transportation Committee

Feb 26, 2019

Testimony on HB 102

"County Consent Bill"

House Env. and Transportation Committee

February 7, 2019

Testimony on HB 91

"Environmental Impact Statement Bill"

House Appropriations, Environment and Transportation Committees

January 22 2019

Credit: The Washington Post