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CABE Yard Signs & Resources

I-495/I-270 Expansion Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Public Comments

MDOT: P3 Project Documents
General Assembly Reports & Statements
Maryland General Assembly: Reports, Statements
MD Legislature, Agency Documents
Parks and Planning Documents

Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission Resources

Montgomery/Prince George's County Documents
Montgomery & Prince George's Counties Documents
Transportation Planning Board
Federal, Independent Reports:
P3 Tollway Costs & Risks

P3 Pre-development Agreements -- Early Involvement of Private Developers in the Consideration of Long-Term Public- Private Partnership Concession Options: A Discussion Paper, US Department of Transportation, February 2017


The Congestion Con: How more lanes and more money equals more traffic

Transportation for America, March 2020

Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation and Water Infrastructure

Congressional Budget Office, January 21, 2020

Pricing and technology strategies to address congestion on and financing of Americas roads
American Trucking Association, House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, September 11, 2019
Federal Highway Administration Public Private Partnership Approvals and Monitoring, U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General: March 2019
Financial Analysis of Transportation-Related Public Private Partnerships,
U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General: July 2011
Public Private Partnership (P3) Procurement Guide, U.S. Department of Transportation March 2019

Highway Boondoggles 4

US Public Interest Research Group, June 2018

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